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Industry today requires a flexible workforce.  One that can be called upon at a moments notice.  By working closely with you, Western District Labour Hire can provide an appropriately skilled temporary or permanent labour solution for your business.


Western District Labour Hire is proud to be  licenced  by the Labour Hire Authority to provide Labour Hire Services.

Our Labour Hire service covers a wide range of industries from administration, labouring, construction, retail, transport and distribution, process workers for manufacturing plus many more...

We understand what you want is hard working and dependable employees who will intergrate well into your existing work environment and simply get the job done!  


We can assist you with various categories of staff from labourers right through to administration and management personnel; from a single person to an entire project team.  Our on hire staff are available to assist you on an hourly basis (some industries have a minimum 3 hour engagement), for a day, a week, a month or ongoing.



How we can assist your Business.


Minimising the overheads involved in recruiting, sourcing, interviewing, training and managing new staff.


Temporary replacement of regular staff who are absent because of illness or leave.


Trialling new employees without having to make a permanent commitment.

Jump onto the Fairwork website to check your award rates of pay.  

Please click here for a copy of our Licence  authorising us to provide Labour Hire Services

Check out the Worksafe website for the latest Health and Safety information for your industry.

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